About Founder

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 10.55.51 AM.pngYou have the determination and discipline to achieve your dreams but let us provide you the steps to make your dreams a reality. 

Welcome, my name is Claudia Saavedra. I am the founder of the site you are on right now that was a vision I had since high school.

A little about me 

I am an immigrant from Chile and a first-generation college student, currently attending Rutgers University. As an undergraduate student, I attended Community College and a full scholarship then transferred to Rutgers University on a full-ride scholarship. I love the outdoors, adventures and am pescatarian. I’m Latina, so this style of eating is a little out of the norm but I love it!

Why this Website?

From personal experience, I understand the difficulty and blurriness of the admissions process. My family and I came to the United States with nothing but the hope to achieve the American Dream. The American Dream for me was to receive a college education and help aspiring and current college students achieve college access and success.

In high school, I created workshops to guide students through the college process. However, I noticed I was not reaching enough people. Through this website, we aim to reach individuals from across the globe.

It is frustrating to have the potential to do so much but have no guidance into reaching your fullest potential. Trust me, no matter how independent you are, you need mentors and help along your journey. I know I can not change the world myself, I need people who have the same vision I do to be able to accomplish that.  That is why the mentors on this site want to help you reach your fullest potential whether through college admission facilitation or life in general!

Join us on our journey to turn you from a potential candidate to an admitted student. 

Claudia Saavedra